El Camino is the seventh studio album from the prolific Blues Rock Band The Black Keys.. We have featured many of their tracks on Orajin but this whole album is an absolute must have for any serious record collectors collection.. Digital Download or whatever format of choice..

They tap into many different genres along the way but those slick drum patterns mixed with some frankly amazing guitar riffs.. Nothing ridiculously hard just simple Rock and Roll patterns.. Then the vocals which in a two piece has to be another instrument are well.. Instrumental.. Guiding you melodically through each track effortlessly and expertly.. Quality lead and cool harmonies..

Coming off the back of the album Brothers this had to deliver and it most definitely does that and more.. Recorded in Nashville, Tenessee. They worked on this project with songwriter and producer Danger Mouse once more.. Delivering 11 excellent tracks..

We won't feature them all with videos but you can listen to the album in full at the bottom if you are not one for listening to me drone on.. So lets get into it.. 


It seems a shame to start here as we don't want to peak to early but this is one of the best tracks on the album. Released as a single it became one of the bands most successful songs..

We have posted the album track on here previously but its always cool to see the pleasure on peoples faces LIVE.. Add to that the fact its raining.. Hard.. We've all been there.. There is no better judge of a tune..


We are gonna try and feature 3 different tracks and this is another gem.. Once again you have that classic feel good riff and as with every track on the album the hooks are immense.. Not enough bands use these with the simplicity and ease The Black Keys do..

Its got a kind of Bluesy, Trippy, Surfer feel to it vocally and musically for the chorus and bridges.. Dan Auerbach has one cool vocal.. Tune into the official video below featuring tour footage..


Now this is just classic Black Keys.. The last track of the album has it all. Powerful intro.. We love them with our bands. That track is branded instantly in musical eternity.

The song is so well structured and flows seamlessly from intro to verse. To bridge to chorus to outro.. Simply beautiful..


So you've either scrolled straight down here or you've watched the videos. Either way you are in for a treat. So bluetooth it to your inhouse system, car stereo or slap it on through your phone while you whip up your dinner.. Let it play and enjoy 38 minutes of musical time to yourself.. If you can get it..

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