We had the privilege of meeting the band at one of our favourite venues.. Trash in Leeds.. On a night we took another of our bands over The Pennines from our Manchester HQ.. Looking back it was a very strong line up in a seriously good up and coming bands roster..

Trash was always always an excellent place to see top quality bands and artists perform. Run by a good friend Jack.. We will be sharing plenty of these over the coming months so no more name dropping just yet..


Back to the band this post wants you to get to know and check out.. Black Cherry were formed in London in 2007 out of a UK/French fusion.. Lead singer and song writer Megan Quashie fronted the band and her vocals were an instant hit.. 

Backed up by Drummer Guilhem Fraisse and Guitarist Robert Moore they delivered a cool melodic electro sound that you were just sucked into.. Musical simplicity at its finest.. Kay Watson & Jamie McDonald also filled in from time to time..


Black Cherry toured the UK & The US playing some notorious festivals.. South By South West & Glasto to name a few.. We kept in regular contact yet they never played a live show for us.. Sadly.. They were good enough to play any stage no matter the size and have a timeless sound.

There is a sad side to this story as in 2009 Guitarist Moore sadly died and their EP The Preface that year was released in his memory. 

Watch 'Lost In The System' Video Below

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