Vocalist Fin Power fronts this band so well. He is the driving force.. His unique vocal and stage presence in true and typical punk style puts him right on that quality front man pedistal.. Backed up by Sarah & Elliot on Bass & Lead Guitars respectively the music is really top quality..

Drummer Alex doesnt disappoint either.. Keeping things in check from the back.. Their music is tight and expertly produced.. Punk with an excellent modern edge.


Stone formed in 2019, a four piece band from Liverpool. Described as post punk they released their first single 'Leave it Out' just prior to lockdown in 2020.  The track full of Energy and Power and well written lyrics certainly got the band noticed but lockdown intervened and the pause button was depressed.

During the lockdown the band, without being able to perform, decided to work hard on all aspects of building their style also plotting their path for the future. Smart move by the youngsters.

Released from the shackles of Lockdown they Exploded onto the Live scene with an Eruption of Animal Released Passion that draws the youth towards them with a message that the youth understand.

The ever increasing audience understand the lyricism and feel that anger, rage, frustration-they were locked down as well.



The next single 'Fuse' was another song born from the Lockdown but when Stone released 'Let's Dance to the Real Thing' the legendary Steve Lamacq premiered the track on BBC Radio 6.  The track was also revered by Clara Amfo and Jack Saunders on BBC Radio 1.

Growing audiences are gravitating to Stone with increasing volume. Live they are magnetising.. and draw the audience in whilst the room is bouncing with atmosphere and energy.. It is a must to catch a live gig. 

They have been performing at festivals all over the UK and across Europe, also supporting your acts such as Cast & The Happy Mondays as well as selling out their own gigs.


Having been taken under the wing of Alan Mcgee's Creation Management it was only a matter of time before they signed to a record deal. Stone signed to Polydor and immediately released their latest single 'Waste'.

The move should prove to be an excellent choice for all parties and Us here at Orajin.. Think this excellent band are going to top the heights with their massive appeal to the Underground Voice of the Lost Youth.

Enjoy their Track 'Leave It Out' Below..


Now if ever a band excites us it is these. Without discovering a great Punk Band ourselves.. Heck! We wouldn't even be here.. How long they remain Underground is debatable! 

The Voice of the Lost Youth could well be the new tag line. Without this lost youth the music we know and love would no longer exist.. Hopefully this generation will give X-Factorites a major kick up the Simon Cowells and take over the music game like great bands of old.

The future is bright and set in STONE.. Can't wait already for that First Album.. OMG Over & Out!! 

Enjoy their Track 'Lets Dance to the Real Thing' Below

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